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Find the right unit in the building

Finding a unit in the building

Only 104 lofts available at 1100 Lansdowne

With so few Foundry Loft units available it is important to receive immediate details about any unit that appears for sale. Looking at the data from the Toronto Real Estate Board roughly 8 units appear on the market each year. With the limited supply, we can create alerts so that you receive instant information about any unit that appears on the real estate board’s MLS (Multiple Listing System).

We are available to inspect those units immediately and provide you with detailed information. Need to know if your bed will fit into the bedroom? By working together and having detailed information about your needs we can help address many of your questions and concerns before you even visit the building.

Loft Buyer Home Care Plan

We are now providing our buyer clients a service that helps deal with any unexpected repairs after you move into the building. Having suffered a large expense when I moved into my own home I know how important this service could be if something breaks. Most lofts purchased in the building includes appliances. While they only maybe a few years old they are likely out of warranty. The service provided along with a home inspection from industry leaders Carson Dunlop would provide repair or replacement on most appliances that would be included with your unit. While some agents give their clients a nice bottle of wine is great on your move in day I prefer to really take care of my clients and I know this piece of mind coverage will help us all sleep better once you move into the building. All the details of this service will be explained before you make an offer so you know about any limitations and/or conditions.

Foundry Loft unit for sale – quick access is key when buying

Getting quick access to the units and viewing them might be the difference between successfully acquiring a unit and missing out. Although we would not recommend an extremely short listing period, some of the sales in the building have happened in a very short time frame. We would recommend over 7 days listings with the proper promotion of your unit to the largest potential group of buyers using various techniques.

In some situations, sellers might simply want a quick closing because of other matters. About 25 per cent of the sales since the start of 2017 have happened in under seven days. We will work with you to make sure that you do not miss out on any potential sales that happen in that short time frame. One unit was even sold in just two days so staying on top of any new condo listed for sale is key.

Keeping updated on past sales and average unit prices are important factors in knowing the market conditions for the building. We will make sure that everything is in place for you before you submit an offer. We can help make sure your financing is in place before you visit so you are comfortable with a budget range that will allow you submit an offer with the right conditions that will help improve your chances of getting a condo in the building. With so few Foundry Lofts available for sale, in some time periods that might mean multiple parties interested in certain units. Having your financing in place on offer date is part of a successful strategy.



“Working to help you find the right unit at the right price.”

Using technology and professional service to get results for my clients

Use the most up to date tech services to keep my clients updated on units available in the area.

Twitter and Toronto Real Estate Board’s exclusive alert systems just two examples.

Help for clients arranging financing, professional unit inspections, movings services; all part of the professional services my clients enjoy.

Fair, honest and professional representation of clients when negotiating on your behalf.

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