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One of the worst things that can happen when you move into your new home is unexpected repairs. I know because that’s what exactly when my wife and I moved into our house. After stretching our finances to make everything happen, buy some basic paint supplies, pay for insurance etc the bank account was pretty low. We were out over $1,500 dollars for a repair we didn’t expect.

As a realtor having this happen to one of my clients would be a terrible situation. But I have now found a product that can provide you with some protection when you move into your condo. I am proud to offer this service to all clients that I represent when you purchase a loft in the building.

Like most insurance type products that are conditions that must be addressed but the plan is designed for buyers who use the services of Carson Dunlop Home Inspection. If you enter into a purchase of a unit in the building we would make the offer conditional on a home/condo inspection. That is normal because we would also insert a clause for review of the status certificate when presenting the offer. The home inspection could actually be done before the offer is presented but we could insert those two conditions.

By using CarsonDunlop.com for the home inspection I would arrange for your home to receive its new Home Care Plan. To receive the Plan you must have used Carson Dunlop for a home inspection which I suggest for all my clients.

Carson Dunlop at Foundry Lofts Toronto.

The most simple way to explain the coverage is that it would provide warranty level service on appliances that are included in your loft purchase. Most units in the building include washer/dryer, fridge, stoves and dishwashers. Your heat pump unit would also be covered. These items are covered up to $25,000 per year. There are several conditions that have to meet but the plan does explain things in more detail. If you are renting out the unit the coverage does not apply, that is the biggest condition of the coverage. There is a $50 fee for each service call, which you might expect to avoid non-stop calls for minor issues.

If something breaks you make one call and they send over a service person. This service is great because it provides both of us the piece of mind regarding repairs once you move into the building. I know the pain of unexpected expenses so this service is something I will provide all my buyer clients who use my services no matter what unit or even if you end up buying at another building.